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Freight forwarding & Warehousing services for Amazon sellers



PETANI is trade, and logistics company with offices in Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Our main clients are international FMCG companies, financial institutions, and apparel manufacturers who supply the goods to the distribution centers in an efficient and cost effective manner with less stress on you. We handle all of the warehouse and distribution logistics.

Freight forwarding by sea, air, or express

China, the USA, Canada, Ukraine, the UK, and Australia

Warehousing in the USA, CANADA, the UK

(80,000 ft²), prep & pack, CRM, and drayage

Import from


Customs clearing, Broker consultations, etc

Problem stock solutions

Wholesale buyers, liquidation auctions

Our mission is…

To make the process of buying and managing shipping and logistics services simple, efficient, stress-free, and cost-effective.

Our objective is...

To enhance the Amazon sellers` service level at every stage of the delivery and warehousing process.

Reduce supply chain and freight costs

Support managing freight costs and shipment times

Experience in all modes of transport

High-quality transportation services for all of our clients

Simplified logistics processes

We are always looking to improve the way we work for you, our customers


Our customers

Freight forwarding
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Freight forwarding

Our Company offers reliable and cost-effective sea and air freight solutions worldwide, handling both partial and full loadcontainers. We provide comprehensive solutions for each step of the shipping process to relieve the burden from our clients' shoulders. This includes shipment, customs clearance, delivery of goods to the customer's warehouse, and shipment updates.

Sea freight is the most popular form of cargo handling. Our team can help you identify the most cost-effective sea freight options and develop a unique solution to meet your transportation needs. We supply the whole complex of services necessary for shipping from China to Amazon FBA or private addresses.

Air Freight Cargo

When speed and reliability are essential, our global logistics experts can help you identify the most cost-effective air freight options for the delivery of your cargo.

Express delivery (UPS, DHL, FedEx)

Express shipments are the perfect solution if speed is of the essence
• Incoterms: DDP
• Time: 2-9 days

Standard air delivery

We offer standard air delivery and can handle your air shipments from start to finish, from the supplier to FBA or your customer's doorstep

• Incoterms: DDP
• Time: 10-17 days

Sea Freight Cargo

We offer door-to-door ocean freight forwarding services.

Available Services:

Full Container Load (FCL):

We transport your goods using containers most suited to your needs.

  • Fast Overseas (Transit time 25-30 days)

  • Normal Overseas (Transit time 30-35 days)

  • Container Drayage & Handling

  • Customs Clearance

  • Insurance

Less Than a Container Load (LCL):

Your parcel will share space in a container with other parcels to reduce costs. This method is cost-effective for smaller shipping loads.

Import from China

We can support our clients with logistics and customs clearance in the USA, Ukraine, UK, Canada!

Importing items from China can be an affordable way to acquire materials for use in manufacturing or products for sale. However, importing items on your own requires establishing relationships, setting up shipping, and navigating the regulatory channels of Customs. Get started on your way to importing from China by taking steps to set up your import process and planning ahead.






Finding a Supplier

Making an Order

Getting Your Items Through Customs

Taking Possession of Your Items

  • Make sure you can legally import your chosen item

  • Make a list of Chinese exporters, or suppliers, who can provide you with your product

  • Contact each supplier on your list

  • Investigate the product

  • Make a trip to meet with your supplier

  • Obtain a business visa

  • Negotiate a deal with the supplier

  • Begin placing your orders

  • Pay for your products

  • Avoid payment fraud

  • Hire a customs broker

  • Acquire necessary permits and licenses.

  • File the Import Security filing (ISF)

  • Get your product through US Customs and Border Protection ("CBP")

  • Submit initial import documents

  • File additional documents

  • Pay your import duties

  • Arrange for pick-up and transport

  • Check your shipment for accuracy and damage

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Logistics, along with your warehousing and distribution, is essential to the smooth running of your supply chain, and therefore your business. Where this is not run efficiently, your customers, clients, and eventually your revenues and staff all suffer.

Third-party warehouse storage provision is becoming an increasing necessity for businesses that do not have space, or the resources, to house their stock. Given the importance of stock to a business, choosing the right warehouse storage solutions is essential.

Professionally equipped warehouses in the USA (DFW, LA, NY, NJ), Canada, and the UK provide a full range of services for Amazon merchants:

  • Pre FBA (preparation before Fulfilment by Amazon)

  • FBM (Fulfilment by merchant)

  • FNSKU labeling

  • Boxes Packing & forwarding

  • Storage

  • Returns handling

  • Containers receiving

  • Sale of problem private label products stock


Average Prices

Professionally equipped warehouse with 80,000 ft² shelf space

Located 20 miles from one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the US — FTW1

Own truck (10 pallets) for cargo delivery to Amazon, which is 2-3 times more cost-efficient ($300) than using UPS

Prep & pack of 1 unit is just $0.9!!!

Box forwarding is just $3 per unit!!!

Affordable prices, quality guaranteed. Contracts provided as necessary

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Warehouses overview

Frame 27 (5).png


30,000 ft², two buildings


3-tier shelves, 

4 lifts 


12 people

Los Angeles, California



80,000 ft² shelf space


4-tier shelves, high dock,

2 lifts


8 people

DFW, Texas



38, 000 ft²


4-tier shelves, 

4 lifts 


12 people


Kelowna, Canada


135, 000 ft² 


4-tier shelves, 2 buildings

(2 floor), high dock, lifts


20 people

Inwood, New York



30,000 ft², two buildings


4-tier shelves, 2 buildings

3 lifts


12 people

London, UK



75, 000 ft²


4-tier shelves, 

1 floor 


8 people

Toms River, New Jersey


CRM software

PETANI Prep Center provides warehouse inventory management, FBM, and FBA orders through our CRM software.

Main Advantages of CRM:

  • Managing inventory through CRM is a productive way to improve and speed up the work processes associated with the supply, movement, and sales of products.

  • Through the use of CRM, many workflows are now performed automatically.

  • Using CRM for E-commerce accelerates and systematizes work, and can reduce human error.

  • CRM integrates with Amazon and can be integrated with eBay, Shopify, and other business platforms


Sale of problem private label stock

We are aware that many Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and other sellers are unable sell their goods for various reasons, and they have to pay for the logistics, storage, and disposal of their goods. We offer a variety of solutions for our clients to choose from:

By allowing our company handle the problem private stock sales, it makes it easier for you, our clients, to concentrate on other business.

We accept your goods as a gift; and we pay for the delivery ourselves

We will attempt to sell your product through our accounts at liquidation auctions

We will offer your product to retail wholesale buyers who are serviced by our warehouse.